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HighRiskPay is a company that offers solutions to high-risk business owners. We are focused on offering flexible merchant accounts, easy setup for your business to start working, and we offer competitive pricing. We have collaborated with both domestic and international banking providers which is a way of making the services offered to you of the best quality. Our company has a positive reputation and we have received positive feedback from the high-risk business owners whom we have worked with within the past. This is based on the transparency in our customer services as well as on the reliable support we offer. We work with both US and international companies and are the best high-risk merchant account provider through offering the best cutting-edge payments. HighRiskPay is one of the best high-risk merchant account provider because it offers you the following:
Responsive support- for any business it is important to have someone ready to help you when a problem occurs during your transactions. We handle the issues that arise in your high-risk business transactions as fast as possible.
Flexibility and customization- HighRiskPay is a high-risk merchant account provider that offers you a way of tailoring your business model no matter how complex it might be.
Expertise - we have a vast range of experience and knowledge on high-risk businesses and this guarantees you with the best services.
Security - HighRiskPay follows the rules that have been set for businesses including those that run online. We provide merchant accounts that are free from fraud activities and prevents any risks that can be associated with security issues.
High-Risk payment processing website - our website is updated daily to provide our customers with the latest information on the status of their businesses and alerts on whether there are any risks they might face.

2.CBD merchant account

We all know that CBD is a high-risk business. HighRiskPay provides CBD business owners with merchant accounts. We provide you with a way in which you can make your CBD business successful and succeed in your online business. We help you overcome the many financial predicaments that occur in business operations. While many companies are reluctant on working with CBD business owners, we are the best merchant account provider for this risky business category. We offer you with CBD merchant accounts and you do not have to fear while carrying out transactions on your product. We provide you with the best way of running your business and you can have peace of mind just like in any low-risk business. While the CBD business is restricted in many countries, we offer you with a gateway that allows you to transact your business in as many countries as you can reach. The transactions and payments on your products will, however, depend on the number of countries you have registered for your business. As long as you are prepared to make your CBD business successful, you will not need to worry about the payment methods you will need to use. HighRiskPay takes care of all your transaction problems and makes you feel secure and can be able to build your business further. You will not have to worry about any security problems or delayed payments. Opening the CBD merchant accounts is a good way to run your business and worrying less about the payment modes. Any currency from any country is integrated into your account and transactions are carried out successfully. Choose HighRiskPay today and you will be guaranteed quality CBD merchant accounts services and you can take your business to the next level.

3.CBD payment processing

HighRiskPay is a company that has extensive experience in boasting CBD businesses. We aid in working with businesses in the high-risk sector and have the intention of helping our customers succeed in the business. While many payment providers fear the risks that might arise in the process of working with high-risk businesses, we are dedicated to providing you with the best services and we can work well with your CBD payment processing. While competition is very stiff in the CBD business, we are on the front line of helping you build your business and have the highest level of customer retention. We are a CBD processor who works on making customers happy and we support multiple payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, and ACH. We provide your business with a way of managing and caring out large transactions. You can run in any country you want to work with and register with them to allow you to work with their currency. We offer you ways of working with different currencies through integration with payment transactions like PayPal and Amazon. Our CBD payment processing  and account opening services provides you with the following:
High-Risk availability- HighRiskPay can work with your risky transactions and you can worry about getting more customers and not on the transactions.
Easy integration - in cases where our customers want to switch their business to e-commerce, we spend the least time possible and your business operations can continue working.
POS availability - we dedicate our services to giving you quality services and you will not have to handle any online or offline transactions.
Low fees - being the best CBD merchant account provider, we care about our customers and we work on affordable rates.
Customer support - CBD business can be associated with many transaction issues. Whether you are having trouble with online or offline transactions, we provide instant support to you and your business.

4.Merchant accounts for eCommerce

When running an online business, the best way of making the business successful and having the highest profit is by having conversion. Customers depends highly on this. HighRiskPay offers you eCommerce merchant accounts as a way of making your online transactions successful. Ecommerce payments highly depend on payment gateways and payment processors. This is why we offer eCommerce merchant accounts for your high-risk business which you run through technology. This helps you to avoid any financial crises that occur due to the lack of physical contact with your customers. Your eCommerce merchant account is a good option in which you can receive online payments from selling your goods or services to people in remote locations. They help avoid any inconveniences that are caused due to delayed processing of the alternative payment modes such as the use of PayPal. The following are some of the reasons why you should contact HighRiskPay to provide you with an eCommerce merchant account:
Online business presence - the competition in the market requires businesses to have some sort of online presence to reach more customers. If you have grown your business, then you will need to have an eCommerce merchant account to take care of your transactions.
Multiple options of payment. Your business does not have to rely on a single mode of payment or the traditional payment methods. Acquiring a merchant account for eCommerce is more convenient. The accounts offers to your customers with are manageable options and that is at a reduced fees.
Increase in the need for security and accuracy - online transactions are associated with security issues. This can compromise your business and this is why you need to have an eCommerce merchant account. They offer secured transactions and keeps away fraudsters. This will make your customers more confident in your business and trust your transaction options.

5.High-risk merchant account

High-Risk Pay is transparent and has multiple features that help your high-risk business. We have the best way of setting up payment processing for your startup business and gives you a way of handling volumes of credit card transactions. When you choose High-risk pay to set up your high-risk merchant accounts, you get a lot of benefits and this includes having the best account representative. You will not have to call in for your account problems. This will be handled by our expertise and you will concentrate more on running your business. Another benefit of choosing us to run your high-risk merchant account is on our chargeback shield. When you have a high-risk merchant account, you will be able to know when a customer wants to file a chargeback against you and you will have the time to give them a refund without any chargebacks. If you want to have peace of mind from your business or if you are worried about chargebacks, choosing High-risk pay for your high-risk merchant accounts will guarantee the best services. Our company has a way of preventing any fraudulent purchases too. We offer interesting solutions for preventing any fraud activities that can be carried out on your business. High-risk merchant accounts offers you with a good way of restricting any transactions from suspicious parties. For example, if your company is based in a certain country and you do not want any customers from outside, the high-risk merchant accounts offers you with a way of restricting the transactions. Merchant accounts are provided to you as well as customer support in case you need any. You will not have to call in for a help line when you have problems with your merchant accounts. High-Risk Pay will give you a point of contact familiar with your business to handle any issues that arise.

6.Ecommerce credit card processing

Digital payments are an important factor in the success of your business. And as concerned with this, making the transactions secure is of more importance. Purchasing done online does not require physical presences and this is why businesses should engage in getting the best eCommerce credit card processing provider. Making your customers feel confident when interacting with your business should be taken with the highest level of concern. They will need to be able to trust you with their confidential information and their credit cards. HighRiskPay provides your company with e-commerce credit card processing options that help in running your business and making your online presence worth it. The business will have to variegate many processes in making online transactions successful. Being one of the best credit card processors for eCommerce, we offer you with the following services.
Payment processing - the main reason for having eCommerce credit card processing for your business is to take care of your online transactions. The options provided by our company includes giving your customers with a way of carrying out transactions through a secured way. Information will be submitted to your company website and no third parties will be able to view it.
Flexible payments - we provide you with a way in which you can accept any transactions from customers. Even if your business runs in different countries and receives different currencies, our e-commerce credit card processing services provides you with the best way of receiving the transactions. The transactions are secured and all the information on customers is kept confidential. Only the business authorized personnel can view it.
Payment gateway integration- our credit card processing services offers you with a way in which you can interact with your customer and their bank. You will not have delayed payments on the transactions you carry on upon selling services and products. The payment avenue is clear all the time and information from different customers can be processed at the same time.

7.High-Risk credit card processing

High-Risk Pay Company is the best high-risk credit card processing company in the market for your small or large business. We have competitive pricing that you can scale because we care more about your welfare than we offer our services. We provide multiple resources that you can choose from and that best fits your business. Our high-risk credit card processing is based on a list that we can handle and we do not have to engage with many businesses that will cause delays on some of our customers. In our credit card processing services, we are willing to work with businesses that deal with adult videos and products, firearms, cigarettes, information marketing, firearms, house rental companies, and travels. We have high standard services in all the parts of our company. We offer your business with ways to handles fraud activities. Whether you are running a local or an international business, High-Risk Pay has a way of tracking any fraudulent activities in credit card processing and alerts you before it can affect your business. Doing this gives you a way of preventing any activities that can cause harm to your business before they occur. Doing this prevents any chargebacks from occurring. Our company requires you to pay a merchant cash reserve just like any other high-risk credit card processor. We keep your deposit of about 6-15% for six months which is then released to your business. This is a convenient way to keep your business running. It is also collateral for riskier transactions that may occur in your business operations. Some of the highlights of our high-risk credit card processing include the provision of quality services when you contact us, educational resources for business owners on how to run their high-risk transactions, and providing each of our customers with individualized pricing based on their business. High-Risk Pay is a transparent credit card processor for your high-risk business. Choose us today and enjoy our massive number of services and resources.

8.Merchant accounts for bad credit

HighRiskPay Company understands that every business owner strives to have a perfect credit history. This helps you on getting more customers and on your way to success. To avoid the negative impact of poor or bad credit, our company offers you with a way of making your business work out and avoid poor credit. Many banks do not accept to work with businesses that have had past bad credit. That is why our company fits your needs and we can offer you with solutions by which you can overcome poor reputation. No matter if your business is large or small, our merchant accounts for bad credit, and we are high-risk processors on your business credit cards. We provide you with online ways in which you can apply for your bad credit merchant account. HighRiskPay specializes in high-risk merchant accounts and you can be guaranteed fast and reliable services in which you can make your business work. After the creation of your bad credit merchant accounts, we engage and do a follow-up service through which we set up chargebacks management tools, fraud filters, and payment gateway. Your applications are approved within 24 to 48 hours. We guarantee you with a fast and reliable application process and we follow up on making sure your accounts have been approved. We have a history of opening bad credit merchant accounts for both new and running businesses. All our customers are of priority and some of the factors that we consider in your applications include your credit card processing history, bank statements, merchant’s credit score, and your company website. We consider this because if your company does not have the right privacy and refund policies you may end up facing negative feedback on your account applications. Call us today to get your merchant account for bad credit for your business.

9.Bad credit merchant account

Our company offers you with bad credit merchant accounts to provide you with a way of getting more customers and gain profitability. When you have bad credit, clients dispute credit cards and this negatively affects your business success. The main reason we offer you with bad credit merchant accounts is to avoid chargebacks. At HighRiskPay we work with you to avoid any bad business problems from the past and help you work on your business's future. We have specialized in making your business bad credit merchant accounts being approved. Our company understands that there are things that happen to your business that are beyond your control. This is why we work with you to gain positive reviews and avoid any chargebacks in the future. We have solutions for your merchant services. We help you despite your past business history and do not consider the performance of your business. Working with you to get better reviews is a priority to all our customers in high-risk businesses. HighRiskPay stands out in the process of getting bad credit merchant accounts by not asking for application fees, having competitive rates, not asking for a visa or a master card, offering you secured payment gateway options, and working with you at a reduced rate and fees. We work on making sure your bad credit merchant accounts are approved as soon as possible and you will not have to spend much time waiting which could be used in your business operations. Our company offers you guidance on how you can avoid bad credit in the future. Maintaining positive reviews is important to your business and this is why we advise high-risk business owners on how they can engage in reducing chargebacks. If you want to keep your customers happy and avoid chargebacks, call us today for bad credit merchant account application services.

10.High-Risk merchant account instant approval

Do you want to get a high-risk merchant account approved within the shortest time and avoid wasting time waiting for its approval, contacting HighRiskPay is the way to go? Since things have become easier with technology, so should be the approval of your high-risk merchant account. We are among the few best providers in high-risk merchant account processors who guarantee fast and reliable services. Our instant approval services for your merchant accounts are smooth and reliable. Why wait on your accounts approval for long and cause inconveniences to your business? HighRiskPay is a reputable company that guarantees instant merchant account instant approval. We understand that it is hard for high-risk business accounts to be approved, unlike the other low-risk businesses. Our company understands that there many processes that have to be followed for your account to be approved such as the search on your credit card processing and credit history. Although the approval of your high-risk merchant account is lengthy, we engage in making sure the process is not as time-consuming as other providers make it. We are specialized in offering instant approval for merchant accounts for high-risk businesses and this is the reason for the instant approval. We track the history of your business as well as track your records for you. This reduces the time you would spend carrying out the process on your own. If you want your merchant account to be approved instantly, you have to be honest about your business. We guarantee the confidentiality of any kind of information you share with us on reasons for the account opening. Providing all important information about your business when you first apply for your merchant account will allow you to receive faster processing. Your account applications might have been turned down several times but contacting HighRiskPay will provide you with fast approvals. Call us today for the best services and  your high-risk merchant account instant approval.

11.High-Risk merchant processing

Some businesses are considered speculative and banks do not allow transactions for them. This is why if you have a high-risk business, you should contact HighRiskPay company to take care of both your online or offline transactions. We are a reputable company that takes care of your business payment processing in a fast and secure manner. We offer a local and international business with merchant payment processing and you will not have to worry about any delays on transactions. We have experience in working with high-risk merchants and have a positive reputation which can be proven through the satisfied high-risk business owners we have served in the past. Our main concern is that of making our customers satisfied and making sure their businesses remain operative without the delay of transaction processing. We have 24-hour contact team available to make sure all your high-risk business remains operative. Offering you guidance on how to run your business and how you can manage transactions whether online or offline is our agenda. Every business should be given a chance to thrive and that's why we engage in high-risk merchant processing for credit cards and other business processes. Our process of offering services to high-risk merchants includes working with all businesses. Our merchant processing is aimed at keeping your chargebacks rates as low as possible compared to your total transactions. Offering you high-risk merchant accounts is a way that you can use to manage your transactions. You will worry less about the transaction and payment process since we engage in making your transactions secured. We keep fraudsters away and alert you in case your business is at risk. If you are ranked in the following business sectors, contact us and get the best services.
  • Adult entertainment and content
  • Telemarketing
  • Online gaming
  • Online dating
  • Airlines
  • EBooks
  • Electronics
  • Tech support
  • Travel
  • Warranties

12.High-Risk payment gateway

HighRiskPay is a company that offers you the best transaction ways in which payments can be transferred to banks for secure processing. Our gateway services are offered to business owners in the United States and other parts of the world. If you want to protect your business and your customers, choosing us is the best option. Without worrying about the size of your business, we provide you with effective ways in which you can carry out massive transaction processing. If your business is growing fast, HighRiskPay high-risk payment gateway provides you with the best and secure way to carry out online transactions. With fast and reliable transactions, your business will be able to serve a large number of customers at the same time without having to keep some waiting. For merchants and companies who interact with multiple merchant accounts, we provide you with centralized transaction processing. You rely able to maintain and manage large amounts of information on transactions. Another good way in which our gateway services are helpful is if your business is targeting global customers. Through multicurrency processing, you can carry out your business in any part of the world. All the transactions by your customers are secured and any information to the bank is kept encrypted. This prevents third parties and any fraudsters from reaching your customer's credit card information and confidential data. Contacting HighRiskPay for gateway services will ensure that any transactions that have been approved or declined in your business have been made known to you through fast alerts. We offer compliance to your business since gateways are the best and most secure means of transacting for your high-risk payment gateway. Gateways by our company encrypts the transactions and secured transactions are provided to you. If you want to protect your customer's credit card information and keep your business transactions secure, call us today for gateway services.